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13 Jan 2018

The doctrine of Miracles Interview with Dr. Craig S Keener

What are miracles? Does God still perform miracles today? Christian apologist Perseus Poku interviews Dr. Craig S Keener, Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. Listeners will be introduced to contemporary accounts of miracles as well as its significance.

16 Dec 2017

How We Got the Bible Interview with Timothy Paul Jones

Where did we get the Bible? Are there lost books which were not included in the Bible? What is the apocrypha? What is the Septuagint? This interview between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and author Timothy Paul Jones will highlight the historicity of the Bible. Christians need to know the truth about how we got the Bible in its present form in order to refute any falsehood that arises.

30 Sep 2017

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist Interview with Frank Turek

Atheism and skepticism seem to be on the rise. This episode will equip listeners with tools needed to stand boldly for Christ in the 21st Century. Perseus speaks with Christian apologist Frank Turek regarding his book “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist.” It is permissible to be a Christian and still embrace the laws of science.

16 Sep 2017

The Doctrine of Human Being interview with Dr. Doug Potter

What are human beings? What does it mean to be created in the image of God? This episode will help listeners discover God’s intention for creating humanity. Humans are far different than anything else God created. Perseus speaks with Doug Potter, Assistant Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

9 Sep 2017

Arguments for the Resurrection with Bob Dutko Pt. 2

This episode is a continuation of Bob Dutko’s Top 10 Proof for the physical resurrection of Christ. This show will help listeners with tangible proof for believing in the physical resurrection of Christ.

2 Sep 2017

Arguments for the Resurrection with Bob Dutko

This show will give listeners evidence for defending the physical resurrection of Christ.  Perseus dialogues with Christian apologist Bob Dutko regarding the Top 10 Proofs for the physical resurrection of Christ.

26 Aug 2017


Why do bad things happen to good people?  If God is good then why is there evil in the world?  Why would a loving God allow an innocent child to die?  This episode will help listeners to better understand the topic of evil, its origin and purpose.  The dialogue is between apologists Perseus Poku and Dr. Clay Jones, Professor at Biola University.

19 Aug 2017


Was Jesus a real person? Are the gospel reports accurate?  Is the story of Jesus borrowed from paganism?  This episode details the various mythologies involving the story of Jesus Christ.  Perseus Poku interviews apologist Stephen Bedard on his book the Jesus Mythology.  Listeners will learn how to respond boldly and rationally to the arguments presented by modern skeptics.

10 Jun 2017


What is the doctrine of the trinity? Did the doctrine come from pagan sources?  How do we properly explain the trinity?  This episode features apologists Perseus Poku and E. Calvin Beisner the author of “God in Three Persons.” Listeners will learn how to properly articulate the doctrine of the trinity.

29 Apr 2017


Scriptures tells us that a wise man seeks counsel (Proverbs 12:15). It is indeed permissible for Christians to go to counseling when trials seem to overwhelm us. This episode features a discussion between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and marriage family therapist Doug Britton. Doug Britton has written numerous books designed to help Christians in various stages of their lives (e,g. Married, Singles, Parents…etc.).