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22 Apr 2017


The issue of race relations permeates social discussions in today’s culture. What is race? How should Christians respond to race?  Christian apologist Perseus Poku speaks to apologist Sis. Elreta Dodds about her book “Racism, The Bible and the American Dream: From Slavery to Obama…).  Ms. Dodds speaks concerning the origin of race, the usage of race and how Christians should adopt the Biblical view of race.  This episode will help listeners to fully understand the role of race and culture from a Godly perspective.

16 Apr 2017


Why do apologetics?  Is it a Biblical concept? How can a local church incorporate apologetics within their curriculum?  Christian apologist Perseus Poku interviews Pastor Emory Moss, Jr (Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Church) of Detroit, Michigan.  Pastor Moss highlights the importance and practical approach to Christian apologetics on the local level.

28 Mar 2017

University of Destruction – Guest: David Wheaton

Many Christian parents struggle with raising children who are God fearing. In addition, the situation often becomes more difficult when parents send their children to secular schools. Author David Wheaton speaks with Cnristian applogist David Wheaton reagarding his book University of Destruction: Your Game Plan for Spiritual Victory on Campus. David’s book offers Biblical wisdom to parents on how to help their children stand boldly for Cnrist while on secular campus.

27 Mar 2017

New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge – Guest: Jerome Smith

Scriptures tells us to study the Bible. As a result, the Holy Spirit has assisted us in this endeavor. Jerome Smith, editor of the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge shares his insights about his publication. The New Treasury provides one of the most extensive list of Biblical cross references. It also contains short commentaries on selected passages. Join apologist Peresus Poku as he speaks with Jerome Smith regarding how to efffectively use the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

25 Feb 2017

The Doctrine of Healing

The Bible clearly teaches us that God can physically heal.  However, the Bible also talks about other types of healing.  In this episode apologist Perseus Poku makes plain the sound teaching of the Bible as it relates to healing.

18 Feb 2017

Introduction to Buddhism

This episode continues the dialogue beteween apologist Perseus Poku and Professor Kenneth Samples.  This episode will give you a basic understanding of Buddhism.  Listeners will gain special insights on what Buddhism teaches and how to effectively share the truth of the gospel with a Buddhist.

5 Feb 2017

God Among Sages

This is a dialogue between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and Professor Kenneth Samples. This episode reviews Dr. Sample’s book on the differences between Christianity and other major religions. If you like Dr. Walter Martin’s book Kingdom of the Cults, you will surely like God Among the Sages.

26 Mar 2016

Paul’s Letter To Colossae Pt. 1

Who wrote the letter of Colossians? Who were the recipients of this Pauline epistle? What motivated Paul to write the letter. This episode covers the beginning chapters of the book of Colossians. If you want to spiritually grow closer to God, the book of Colossians will help you on your journey.

19 Mar 2016

Train Up A Child – The Need For Apologetics Boot Camp

Today’s environment is more hostile than ever against the belief in God. Secular ideology and worldview is more evident and accessible to our youth. Christian Parents must ensure their children and youth are inoculated against the wiles of the enemy while at school. This episode will expose you to some of the tactics used by the enemy to pull Christian students away from God.

6 Feb 2016

The Role of Crosscultural Evangelism

How do I witness to people of other faith? What is the role of culture as it relates to sharing my faith? Listen to this dialogue between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and Missionary Pastor Bob Rasmussen. This episode will help open your eyes as is relates to witnessing with people of other faith.