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7 Feb 2015

The NIV Bible – Guest: Mark Krauss

What were the origins of the New International Version? How accurate is the New International Version? In this episode Christian apologist Perseus Poku speaks with NIV committee member Dr. Mark Strauss about the origin and reliability of the New International Version of the BIble.

31 Jan 2015

The Gospel

What is the gospel? What does the Bible say about the gospel? What is the efficacy of the gospel? This episode will shed light on what the Bible says concerning the good news of Jesus Christ.

24 Jan 2015

The Divinity of Christ Pt. 2

Is Jesus God? Is Christ divine? Is Christ equal to the Father? What is the relationship within the Godhead?

17 Jan 2015

The Divinity of Christ Pt. 1

What does it mean to say Christ is divine? Why should Christians accept this doctrine?

10 Jan 2015

The Problem of Evil Pt. 2

What is evil? What is God’s remedy for evil? Are humans innately evil? This episode is a continuation of a discussion on the problem of evil between apologist Perseus Poku and Dr. Clay Jones (Professor of apologetics at Biola University).

3 Jan 2015

Origins of the Bible

How did we get the Bible in its present form? What are autographs and manuscripts? What are textual variances? Can the Bible be trusted and is it historically accurate? Dr. Mark Strauss who is a New Testament scholar, author, and Professor sheds light on the veracity of the New Testament. Enjoy this dialogue between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and Dr. Mark Strauss.

27 Dec 2014

The Problem of Evil Pt. 1

What does it mean to be a good person? What is evil? How did evil originate? If God created all things, did He create evil? This episode sheds light on the origin, and reality of evil. Christian apologist Perseus Poku interviews Dr. Clay Jones (Professor of Apologetics at Biola University) concerning the problem of evil.

20 Dec 2014

The Christian Response to Yoga – Guest: Laurette Willis

What is yoga? Should Christian participate in yoga? Is yoga just a simple and innocent exercise? What are the origins of yoga? This episode features a dialogue between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and author Laurette Willis.

13 Dec 2014

The Doctrine of the Resurrection

What is a resurrection? How did ancient Jews view the concept of a resurrection? What is the New Testament teaching regarding the resurrection? How does the resurrection impact the lives of contemporary Christians?

6 Dec 2014

The Truth

What is truth? How does the concept of truth relate to God? Does truth matter in all things? This episode shines a light on the doctrine of truth and its impact on our everyday life.