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5 Feb 2017

God Among Sages

This is a dialogue between Christian apologist Perseus Poku and Professor Kenneth Samples. This episode reviews Dr. Sample’s book on the differences between Christianity and other major religions. If you like Dr. Walter Martin’s book Kingdom of the Cults, you will surely like God Among the Sages.

24 Dec 2016

A Minute of Vision for Men – Guest: Roger Patterson

God has a specific plan for men. Understanding the divine purpose for each man is essential for obtaining the blessings asociated with faithfulness. In short, men need help and the Bible has a prescription for success. This episode features a dialogue between Perseus Poku and author Roger Patterson regarding his new book “A Minute of Vision for Men.”

10 Dec 2016

Cold Case Christianity For Kids – Guest: J Warner Wallace

29 Oct 2016

Professor of Sacred Scripture – Brant Pitre

In today’s culture it seems almost everybody has an opinion of Jesus. The truth concerning the historicity of Christ has been challenged by many skeptics. This episode features a dialogue between Perseus Poku and author Brant Pitre. Dr. Pitre’ book “The Case for Jesus” is written to give believers the tools needed to defend the historical data associated with Christ as well as the gospels.

1 Oct 2016

Christian Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross

What evidence do Christians have to demonstrate that God created the universe? This show is a recording of a dialogue between Christian astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross and apologist Perseus Poku. Dr. Ross details the fine tuning argument of the earth. If you ever wondered about how uniqueness of the earth and our solar system then this episode is for you. God intentionally created the earth in a unique way so humans can live in it.

3 Sep 2016

The Doctrine of Sexual Purity Pt 2 – Guest: Joe Dallas

God desire for all of his children to be sexually pure. Our outlook on sex can have tremendous effect on our relationships. This episode features a dialogue between apologist Perseus Poku and Joe Dallas on the issue of sexual purity. Listeners will gain a better insight on the issues of homosexuality and transgender orientation. Learn how to converse on current social issues from a Bible based perspective.

20 Aug 2016

The Doctrine of Sexual Purity – Guest: Joe Dallas

What is sexual purity? How should Christians handle sex? This episode features a discussion between apologists Perseus Poku and Joe Dallas (Genesis Biblical Solutions). If you desire to please God sexually, this episode is for you.

25 Jun 2016

How to Share With Other Faiths

In an age of pluralism it is hard to avoid the images associated with various religions. As Christians we need to know how to appreciate other cultures without compromising our Christian ethics. This episode features a dialogue between apologist Perseus Poku and Professor of Religion at Indiana University Professor Emeritus Winfred Corduan. This segment will help you to witness to people of other faith.

26 Mar 2016

Paul’s Letter To Colossae Pt. 1

Who wrote the letter of Colossians? Who were the recipients of this Pauline epistle? What motivated Paul to write the letter. This episode covers the beginning chapters of the book of Colossians. If you want to spiritually grow closer to God, the book of Colossians will help you on your journey.

19 Mar 2016

Train Up A Child – The Need For Apologetics Boot Camp

Today’s environment is more hostile than ever against the belief in God. Secular ideology and worldview is more evident and accessible to our youth. Christian Parents must ensure their children and youth are inoculated against the wiles of the enemy while at school. This episode will expose you to some of the tactics used by the enemy to pull Christian students away from God.