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9 Jan 2016

Training Up Children

Parenting is not always easy. Children do not come in to this world with instruction tags around their ankle. This episode, revisits God’s intention and prescription for raising up God fearing children. Listeners will also learn more about Proverbs 22:6 and how it can be applied in today’s culture.

31 Oct 2015

The World of the Ocult with Kevin Lewis

What does the word occult mean? What does the Bible say about those that engage in occult practices? Listeners will get a better sense of the world of hidden things. Apologist Perseus Poku interviews Biola and Talbot Professor Kevin Lewis concerning occult practices and its impact.

3 Oct 2015

“Who is Adam? An Interview with Dr Fazale Rana

In his latest book “Who Was Adam?” Dr. Fazale from the Reasons to Believe ministry explains the importance of knowing the truth concerning our origins. This dialogue between apologist Perseus Poku and Dr. Rana will help strengthen your faith concerning creation and the scientific arguments to support Biblical claims.

19 Sep 2015

Intro to Islam with Dr. Daniel Janosik Pt 2

What is Islam? What is the Hadith? Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day? Professor Daniel Janosik from Southern Evangelical Seminary shares his insights regarding Islam. This episode will help you to better witness to those form an Islamic background.

5 Sep 2015

What is Apologetics? Guest: Eric Bristley

Christian apologetics is that branch of theology that deals with defending the tenets of the faith. This episode is a dialogue between apologists Perseus Poku and Professor Eric Bristley of City Seminary. Learn more about Christian apologetics by listening to this episode.

29 Aug 2015

God’s Crime Scene – Guest: J Warner Wallace

Is there scientific evidence to prove God’s existence? Cold Case Detective J Warner Wallace attempts to answer this question through a Detective’s lens. This dialogue between Perseus Poku and J Warner Wallace will help you to better understand some of the scientific evidence used to support the existence of God.

22 Aug 2015

Intro to Islam with Dr. Daniel Janosik Pt 1

What is the meaning of Islam? What does it mean to be a Muslim? Listen in to an interview between Perseus Poku and Dr. Daniel Janosik from Southern Evangelical Seminary. This episode will help the listener learn more about the tenets of Islam and how to witness in love to a Muslim.

8 Aug 2015

Hermeneutics: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Texts

Hermeneutics is a Greek word that means that represents the science and art of Biblical interpretation. This segment deals with the correct methods one should use in trying to interpret a passage of the Bible. In addition, this episode teaches believers how to distinguish between passages that are descriptive (one time occurrence) versus those that are prescriptive (intended for all Christians to follow).

11 Jul 2015

Christian Ethics with Scott Rae

What are ethics? What is the difference between morality and ethics? How can a Christian ascertain if their ethics are Bible based? This episode features a dialogue between Perseus Poku and Professor Scott Rae of Talbot School of Theology. Professor Rae is also Dean of the Ethics Department at Talbot.

4 Jul 2015

Contend for the Faith

Jude 1:3 reads, Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. What does contending for the faith look like in the 21st Century. This episode addresses some of the contentious issues facing the church and offers a Biblical response to the challenges.