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How will your donation benefit Sound Reasoning Ministries?


The reality is there are many Christians who will never attend seminary. As a result, SRM’s workshop series provides seminary level education to lay Christians. Participants are exposed to Biblical concepts in the areas of apologetics, Biblical studies and systematic theology.

How does it benefit the individual?

Students who attend the workshops enjoy the ability to learn how to better understand the Bible. Participants learn how to use Bible tools as well as methods in defending the faith.

Your donation to the SRM workshop will help us in the following areas:

  • Pay for printing of syllabi
  • Pay for classroom rental
  • Pay for insurance
  • Pay graphic artist for flier
  • Pay for radio and social media advertisements
  • Pay instructors

Sound Reasoning Radio Show

Donation to the Sound Reasoning radio show will pay for the following:

The Sound Reasoning radio show airs twice a week on Salem broadcasting station KFIA. The goal is to bring some of the education found in seminary to lay Christians who listen to the radio. Apologist Perseus Poku clearly provides teachings based on the tenets of the Bible from an apologetic perspective. In addition, some of his guests include prominent theologians, authors and professors (e.g. Gary Habermas, Dr. Norman Geisler, Jill Martin Rische, Ron Rhodes, J Warner Wallace, etc…).

How does it benefit the individual?

Christians from various backgrounds often testify about how the show has helped them. Listeners regularly tell us the subject matters addressed on the show help them to better understand Bible doctrines.

Your donation to the radio show will help us in the following areas:

  • Pay the monthly cost to KFIA
  • Purchase research books for interview
  • Purchase advertisement for show
  • Compensate host for research and administration of show

Apologetics Boot Camp

The apologetics boot camp was designed for Christian students. In this age of pluralism and skepticism, many Christian students find themselves marginalized. Statistics show that many students of faith experience persecution while on school campus. The boot camp was created to help students reconcile their faith with scientific disciplines. This one day workshop accommodates both students and parents.

How does it benefit the individual?

Students who attend the boot camp are better prepared to answer questions about their faith. In addition, students learn more about biology, cosmology, archaeology and other school disciplines as it relates to spirituality.

Your donation to the boot camp will help us in the following areas:

  • Creation and printing of syllabi
  • Advertisement cost for radio and social media platform
  • Payment of insurance
  • Donation to instructors
  • Building rental