Radio Show

1 Feb 2014

The Nature of God Pt. 1

Who is God? What is He like? What are His attributes and what do they say about God? How does an authentic view of God affect the believer?

25 Jan 2014

Arguments for God Pt. 2

The continuation of the previous episode concerning the existence of God. This episode introduce listeners to some of the arguments and philosophies used by atheists to counter Christian propositions about God’s existence. Learn about some of the traditional arguments used by Christians throughout the years to prove God’s existence.

18 Jan 2014

Arguments for God Pt. 1

This segment introduces listeners to doctrines associated with atheism. Listeners will learn how to respond effectively to those who profess the myth of God by exposing them to arguments used by Christians to refute atheism, humanism, and scientism.

11 Jan 2014

Christian Ethics Pt. 3

What is Christian Ethics? What is the difference between Christian and wordly ethics? What methods should Christians use in making decisions?

4 Jan 2014

Christian Ethics Pt. 2

What standards should Christians use when making decisions? Is there a difference between worldly ethics and Christian ethics? How should a believer deal with moral dilemmas? This episode deals with helping believers make choices that are based on Biblical principles. It is also a continuation of Christian Ethics-Part 1.

28 Dec 2013

Christian Ethics Pt. 1

How should Christians conduct themselves? What rules or standards should Christians use when facing ethical dilemmas? What is the difference between worldly ethics versus Christian ethics? This episode contrasts the ethics of the world and the ethics used by Christians. It states the fact that Christian ethics does not concern itself with what is being done (necessarily) but rather what “ought” to be done.

21 Dec 2013

The Nature of Christ Pt. 2

Who was Jesus? Was he fully God? Was he fully human? This episode is a continuation of part one. It addresses the doctrines associated with the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ. All Christians should have a sober and Biblical view concerning the person of Jesus and His two natures.

14 Dec 2013

The Nature of Christ Pt. 1

This episode deals with the ontology (nature) of Jesus Christ. Learn the authentic Biblical view concerning the two natures of Jesus Christ. Listeners will also learn about early church heresies that threatened to derail the promotion of sound doctrine.

30 Nov 2013

New Testament Biographical Data Update – Guest: Dr. Clay Jones

This episode is a recording of an interview between Perseus Poku and apologist Dr. Clay Jones (Professor of Apologetics at Biola University). The subject matter offers a unique perspective concerning the number of New Testament manuscripts compared to secular manuscripts. This subject should be of importance to all Christians because our New Testament are based on the extant manuscripts.

23 Nov 2013

The Role of Christian Apologetics in the Life of a Believer Pt. 2

What role do apologetics play in the life of a believer? This episode will answer questions about the need for apologetics in lifestyle evangelism.