Radio Show

16 Nov 2013

The Role of Christian Apologetics in the Life of a Believer Pt. 1

How should a Christian view apologetics? What is the significance of the apologetic method? This episode will help you to better understand the role of Christian apologetics in the life of a believer.

9 Nov 2013

The Case for the Bible

Is the Bible the authentic word of God? Did Moses really write the Pentateuch? Can the New Testament manuscripts be trusted? This episode provides information concerning the legitimacy of the Bible claims. Listeners will also learn how to respond to the Documentary Hypothesis and the new atheism.

2 Nov 2013

The Narrow Gospel

What are the limits of the gospel? Does the gospel teach an inclusionary doctrine? This episode highlights the exclusivity of the gospel as it relates to salvation.

26 Oct 2013

The Christian Response to Halloween

What are the origins of Halloween? Should Christians participate in dressing up and trick or treating? The topic of participating in Halloween is an ethical one. This episode introduces listeners to Christian ethics as well as how to apply it to making decisions in all aspects of our lives (including Halloween).

19 Oct 2013

The 4 Universal Laws of Logic

What is Logic? How does logic play a role in the life of a believer? Why should the average Christian be interested in logic? Is logic solely a secular concept? This episode explains how logic came out of the nature of God. In addition, this broadcast explains how being logical places our life in order versus chaos.

12 Oct 2013

The Nature of Truth

What is the Biblical definition of truth? How does truth operate? Why is it important for Christians to know the truth? This episode will help believers better understand the benefits of building our lives on truth.

2 Oct 2013

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

What is apologetics? Why should Christians be concerned with apologetics? Is apologetics a Biblical concept? This message will expose Christians to the Biblical concept of apologetics.