Christian Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross

1 Oct 2016

Christian Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross

What evidence do Christians have to demonstrate that God created the universe? This show is a recording of a dialogue between Christian astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross and apologist Perseus Poku. Dr. Ross details the fine tuning argument of the earth. If you ever wondered about how uniqueness of the earth and our solar system then this episode is for you. God intentionally created the earth in a unique way so humans can live in it.

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  • Paula Sullivan says:

    I was searching for the very topic matter discussed with your guest. Praise GOD that HE has raised up people in the sciences to teach and explain the truth of Creation & intelligent design. Great program. Thank you, Perseus, for your faithful ministry in Christian Apologetics on KFIA 710am radio. And, thank you for the many interesting Biblical topics that you select for your listening audience each week. I continue to learn about our Creator, Savior, being continuously humbled at every turn. Many “thanks” for bringing blessing to my heart. Paula Sullivan

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