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Introduction to Apologetics PDF: $5

What is Christian apologetics? Why do Christians have to explain their faith? What are the benefits of knowing more about the teachings of Christianity? This syllabus will help you to better understand the method of Christian apologetics and why it is important for Christian students to know why and what they believe. 6th grade.

God the Intelligent Designer PDF: $5

The Intelligent Design argument has been rejected by many non-Christians. This brief syllabus will help Christian students to better understand the arguments for God through design. In addition, students will learn more about the evidence that exists for an intelligent designer. 7th grade.

Evidence for God through Cosmology PDF: $5

We learn about God being the creator in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. However, Christian students rapidly learn that some of their peers do not believe in a creator. This brief syllabus will introduce students to some of the evidence that point to God as a creator of the universe. 8th grade.

Evidence for God through Biology PDF: $5

Biology is often described as the study of living things. This brief syllabus will introduce readers to the biological evidence we see in nature and how they point to God. Students will learn more about some of the arguments Christian use in the sphere of biology to argue for the existence of God. 9th grade.

Biblical Archaeology PDF: $5

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The Reliability of the New Testament PDF: $5

Is the Bible the real word of God? Can we trust the gospels? Do we have what the New Testament writers originally wrote? This brief syllabus will help in answering some of the questions many of our students face at school.

Intro to 4 Laws of Logic PDF: $5

What is logic? Why should Christian students learn more about logic? How is logic related to God? Students will learn more about the rules for thinking correctly as prescribed by God. Logic is not a bad thing if we learn it from a God centered perspective. Thinking correctly will help students at home, church, school, and in all areas of their life. 12th Grade.

The Essentials of the Christian Faith PDF: $5

What does the Bible say about God, Jesus, the Bible, and other major teachings. This syllabus will help you to better understand the basic teachings of God, Jesus, and the Scriptures. In addition, this syllabus highlights some of the popular arguments used by skeptics and offers a Bible based response.

Higher Learning – A Discourse on Defending the Christian Faith on Campus PDF: $5

Journey Through John: $20 with $2 shipping

Who is Jesus? Why is He called the Son of God? What does it mean to have everlasting life? How is Jesus divine? How can the message of this gospel help me in my everyday life? Join Christian apologist Perseus Poku (Sound Reasoning Ministries) as he shares the message of the gospel of John from an apologetic perspective.