Sound Reasoning Ministries exist to educate, train, and empower Christians in the area of apologetics. Our ultimate goal is to expose Christians to sound (healthy) doctrine (Titus 1:9). SRM provides training through local workshops, the Sound Reasoning radio show, and the apologetics boot camp for Christian students.

This page is intended to address the most frequently asked questions concerning the SRM local workshops. Workshops are usually based on one of our syllabi. However, we are able to create a syllabus that is unique to a particular church or organization. If you have further inquiries concerning the local workshops, radio show or the Christian students apologetics boot camp please contact us at 916-524-2853 or e-mail us at

What topics do you cover?
Some of our popular workshops topics are as follow:
1. The Essentials of the Christian Faith.
2. How to Read the Bible for All its Worth
3. Introduction to Christian Apologetics (the importance of defending the faith).
4. Introduction to Biblical Archaeology.
5. Journey through the Book of John.
6. Christian Ethics (How to live a morale life).
**Please note that we are able to modify subject matter to fit the need of the audience.**

What type of format will be used?
We can accommodate and modify our curriculum for any session (e.g. Bible Study, Workshops, Conference…etc.). We often facilitate sessions on Wednesday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday mornings.

What expenditures are related to this type of workshop?
While our sessions are free, we ask all churches to provide the following:
*Make copies of the syllabus for participants.
*Provide snacks and lunch for participants.
*If possible, we ask churches or organizations to assist with marketing.

Again, SRM does not charge but we do welcome love offerings to offset expenditures associated with the training.

What materials are needed?
If possible, we usually need a place to plug in our laptops (assuming the church or organization has a screen). If the organization does not have technological capabilities we can simply use the syllabi.

What if there is not enough time to cover the material in the syllabus?
We realize that covering some of the topics may take more time. It is our goal to move according to the comprehension of the class. We are always open to scheduling subsequent workshops in order to complete the subject matter(s).